CSG Show #050 – Winter caching tips (58:53)


Seattle Times Geocaching winners

Winter caching hints from Facebook Geocaching Colorad0 page

Additional winter caching tips
Know your limitations
Proper clothing
Outdoor survival gear is more important then cache repair gear.
Keep the car gas tank full.
Tea candles in a car can provide enough heat to keep warmLet at least three people know exactly where you are going and when you will be back
Get a Colorado Rescue Card for each participant
Once you are outside the interstate corridor, be aware that phone service is likely to be spotty. Have a alternate method of emergency communication. (Spot communicator as an example)
Keep mobile phone powered down until needed
Plains weather could be rougher then mountain weather. Blowing snow is a danger issue, even if it is not snowing.
Work on solving puzzlesTrackables as stocking stuffers
The Survival Podcast Pathtag
Cache Advance
Coins and Pins.com

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