CSG Show #36 -TwoCs- Weigh yourself flash mob event

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Today,  Art and Karen venture north to Issac Walton Park in Longmont, CO to attend a different type of flash mob event.  No one wilted under the record heat of 102 degrees.

This event was a great experience, and was good to meet some of the show listeners. The Longmont Examiner (a fellow writer at Examiner.com)even paid a visit and we discussed all things geocaching.

Does the mob get the sculpture to open?  What other surprises happen? Check out the cool travel bug we found. All this and more!!

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One thought on “CSG Show #36 -TwoCs- Weigh yourself flash mob event

  1. Thanks for the different perspective Art!

    It’s nice to have a nice close up of the darn thing not closing or opening.

    Sorry we didn’t get to meet up for an interview. Perhaps we can do that in the near future.

    See you on the trail,

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